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11,748,212 - Method and apparatus for resolving automatic transaction facility (ATF) failures


An automated method is provided for resolving an unintended transaction rollback in a system that includes an audited database, a non-audited application, and a facility for converting non-audited applications to use audited database transactions, wherein the unintended transaction rollback is the result of a failure of the facility to convert the unintended transaction rollback to a commit operation, The non-audited application is operated with the facility creating database transactions against the audited database. The database transactions include one or more transaction steps or operations. The created database transactions are monitored to detect transaction rollbacks. A determination is made when a detected transaction rollback for a database transaction is an unintended transaction rollback. The one or more transaction steps or operations of the database transaction that included the unintended transaction rollback are recovered in the audited database. The recovering resolves the unintended transaction rollback.