Improving Society Through Innovation

We are dedicated to our core purpose: To Improve Society Through Innovation.

We strive to build innovative products and services that make a lasting contribution to society. Also, we have an active committee that organizes company activities and supports charities that are in alignment with our core purpose.

We are founded on a set of core values that guide us in how we do business in pursuit of our core purpose.

Here are our core values and what they mean to you:

  • We are results oriented. We “make it happen.” We do not promise what we do not have the capability to deliver. What we do promise, we do everything in our power to deliver on time and at the agreed terms.
  • We deliver value. We protect your investment in our products by making certain that they work as expected and are not overpriced.
  • We think ahead and communicate openly. We listen to your ideas, frustrations and successes. We try to incorporate as much as possible from your suggestions into each new version of our products. We want your experience with our products to be exceptional.
  • We possess integrity and honesty. We always deal fairly and honestly with you. We do not sell you our products if they do not meet your needs. We live by the Golden Rule.
  • We have commitment. Our commitment is to continually improve our products and exceed your expectations.

Our vendors and suppliers are expected to abide by a Vendor Code of Conduct.

Gravic, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Click here to find out how to reach us.