Improving Society Through Innovation

Gravic Labs

Since our founding we have been active in the area of innovating solutions to difficult problems facing society. Some advances we provided the world include: Gravic Labs

  • First plain paper OMR solution replacing the need for dedicated scanners and special paper.
  • Customer-acclaimed graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for end-user products.
  • Replication from HP NonStop (Tandem) servers to NS SQL, Windows, Unix, Linux, and other targets.
  • Process-to-process real-time bi-directional data replication – with no need for intermediate extract queues.
  • Cooperative processing with collision avoidance allowing real-time updates on any node.
  • Methods to split large systems to increase overall availability and disaster tolerance.

Intellectual PropertySome of Gravic, Inc.'s Patents

Many of our technologies are patented or patent pending.

If you are interested in our turn-key product lines click on one of the following links:

  • Remark Products: Data collection products for fast and efficient processing and analysis of paper and web based surveys, assessments and tests.
  • Shadowbase Products: Data replication and distribution solutions for mission-critical applications.

Gravic Labs Research & Development Activities