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Gravic, Inc. is a world leader in providing innovative data collection, transformation, and distribution solutions. For over 40 years, our software product groups have produced technologically advanced solutions that improve the businesses and personal lives of our over 100,000 customers and tens of thousands of OEM end-user licensees.

Gravic is a privately-held corporation located in Malvern, PA (see map) about ten miles west of Philadelphia, PA USA. We make a number of computer software products for data collection, transformation, and distribution uses in the following product lines:

  • Remark Data Collection Software with customers in universities and colleges, government, medicine, K-12 schools, corporations, and non-profit organizations.
  • Shadowbase Replication Software with customers in finance (stock exchanges, brokerages, banks, insurance, and credit card companies), healthcare and government agencies, electrical utilities, retail, transportation, and telecommunications.

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Our software has won various awards and achieved several partnerships:



For many years, we operated under the names of our three predecessor companies:

  • ITI, Inc. started in 1979 as a computer service bureau. In 1984, we introduced our first database replication solution.
ITI Logo
  • Compucon Services Corporation started in 1980 as a turnkey custom software development shop.
Compucon Services Corporation
  • Principia Products, Inc. started in 1991 as a provider of innovative imaging solutions.
Principia Products

In 2001, we renamed Principia Products, Inc. to Gravic, Inc. and began a merger of the other entities. We completed the merger in 2003 and now all product groups are run by common management.

  • Today, we use the following brand names:

Remark Software for our Remark data collection product line.

Shadowbase Software for our Shadowbase┬« data replication product line.

Gravic Labs for innovative technology that powers our products.