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7,003,531 - Synchronization of plural databases in a database replication system


In a database synchronization process, a block of data is read from a source database at the first node. A marker is assigned to the block of data, and the marker is then written to an audit trail at the first node. The marker is sent from the audit trail to a second node having a target database. The block of data is sent from the first node to the second node without passing the block of data through the audit trail. At the second node, the block of data is stored in the target database upon receipt at the second node of the block of data and the marker assigned to the block of data. This process is repeated for additional blocks of data in the source database, wherein a marker is assigned to each subsequent block of data. In this manner, some or all of the source database may be replicated to the target database without having to store or pass any data in the source database in or through the audit trail at the first node.