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10,706,040 - System for ensuring transactional integrity thereof that includes a plurality of subsystems, one of which takes an action upon a loss of transactional integrity


A system is configured to ensure transactional integrity thereof. The system includes a first subsystem and a second subsystem. Each of the subsystems receive the same request to process a transaction. An indicia engine at each subsystem computes indicia of the outcome of the processing of the same request. The computed indicia from each of the subsystems is compared. An action is completed at one of the subsystems when the computed indicia does not match. The action completed at one of the subsystems is one or more of issuing a database rollback on one of the subsystems, executing self-diagnostics on one of the subsystems, shutting down one of the subsystems, taking one of the subsystems offline, aborting the transaction executing on one of the subsystems, and generating an error indication for one of the subsystems.