Improving Society Through Innovation

Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein President and CEO

Throughout Gravic’s history we have always strived to turn challenges into chances, and we have seen our fair share of business cycles. Swings in the economy, stock market, inflation, regulation changes, and even the increase in the price of oil were met as opportunities. We are proud to have met all of our challenges while growing consistently over the last decade.

We measure our success by our core purpose, Improving Society Through Innovation, and we have devised metrics for measuring our progress. Our innovation is present in our product lines, Remark and Shadowbase, and their many products. Through Gravic Labs we also meet our core purpose of innovation with our dozens of granted and pending patents.

Each of our innovations has a point – to improve society. Our ability to improve society’s collective experience is evident by facilitating teachers, researchers, and other Remark users in making data collection easy and intuitive. It is also evident in the numerous industry-leading companies that rely on Shadowbase solutions to keep their data centers operational in the event of disasters.

I personally measure our success in the satisfaction our employees express in working for a company that is doing right by the world. Our core values, including honesty, integrity, and commitment, permeate all of our actions. We temper our successes with the belief that we can do even better.

We sincerely thank everyone who uses our products and services. We hope to serve you for another thirty-five years and beyond.


With warm regards,

Dr. Bruce Holenstein

President and CEO