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Shadowbase Solutions - Data Replication and Data Integration Software

Shadowbase Data Replication
Shadowbase Data Integration

Gravic, Inc specializes in providing Total Replication Solutions® based on our Shadowbase® suite of data replication and data integration software products. We leverage our industry-leading products with our experienced services team to successfully meet the demands of any replication project. Our ability to successfully integrate our product and service offerings results in project completion on time and within budget.

Shadowbase heterogeneous data replication and data integration in the twenty-first century is a rock-solid, highly scalable, feature-rich technology acting as the cornerstone for a wide variety of successful business solutions. From state-of-the-art, real-time data integration solutions to simple propagation of real-time change data capture into business intelligence, online data warehouse, and ODS systems, Shadowbase database replication solutions are vital components of today's enterprise computing world. Shadowbase software also specializes in providing the most demanding business continuity solutions—from the High Availability (HA) of active/passive architectures for disaster recovery implementations to the continuous availability of active/active architectures for true disaster avoidance. Shadowbase solutions excel at making your application environment survive catastrophic failure.

Business continuity, low-latency application and system integration, online data warehouse/ODS feeds, zero downtime database and system migrations (ZDMs), and real-time data integration are some of the problems that change data capture and replication can solve in the modern IT enterprise. You need a flexible solution to handle the list of tasks. Since the invention of real-time replication by Gravic, Inc. in 1984, we, in partnership with our customers, have continued to push the envelope by innovating robust, fast, and versatile solutions for low-latency data integration and synchronization of data around the world.

As illustrated below, Gravic, Inc. provides both uni-directional active/passive replication (for example, an operational system to an online data warehouse) and bi-directional replication (for example, for business continuity of a BASE24™ application) between systems, utilizing a variety of database management systems and platforms. The patented and patent-pending Shadowbase transactional replication solutions provide very low-latency for delivering the data to the target system, as well as extensive scalability, selectivity, and sophisticated data transformation and mapping when required. For unique projects, the Gravic, Inc. Professional Services team of replication and data integration experts can also work with you to meet your demands on almost any project.


Shadowbase Data Replication and Data Integration Solutions

Shadowbase Data Replication and Data Integration Solutions

  • Continuous Processing - Scale applications and databases across multiple physical nodes to create one logical system that can scale linearly and survive the failure of an entire node. Deploy either High Availability active/passive disaster recovery architectures, active/“almost active” higher availability architectures, or continuous availability active/active architectures.
  • Integrated Processing - Perform homogeneous or heterogeneous data replication with sub-second latency across two or more homogeneous or heterogeneous platforms. Use uni-directional or bi-directional replication depending on the needs of your applications and projects.
  • Business Intelligence - Load and maintain real-time data from multiple production systems into one central online data warehouse or operational data store, or distribute select data to many different local data marts, enabling real-time decision support. Transform, filter, or enrich data in-flight. If needed, return the results of a real-time business intelligence rules engine back to your application/operational systems to affect the subsequent flow of the customer experience in real-time.
  • Disaster Recovery - Load and maintain hot-site backups of production databases for seamless recovery in the event of a primary system failure. Gravic’s patented bi-directional replication technology provides continuous availability, enabling two or more simultaneously active systems within the architecture.
  • Application Upgrade, or Database, System, or Site Migrations - Create and maintain new or modified databases from legacy databases. Seamlessly migrate to new systems or sites with minimal or zero application downtime (eliminate “planned” application downtime). Keep the new databases synchronized with the old until all applications have been gradually migrated to the new systems. Remove the risk of “big bang” cutovers from your system or application upgrades by using Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migrations (ZDM) solutions.
  • Restoration of Corrupted Databases - Selectively reapply lost or accidentally deleted data to restore the integrity of a database.
  • Test Database Creation and Refresh - Create test databases from subsets of production databases without interrupting production processing. Refresh the test databases as needed.
  • Audit Reporting and Transaction Analysis - Capture the application database changes so that you can review the before images, after images, and transaction details.

Value Add

The licensing of a replication solution almost always takes place as part of a funded project. These include projects involving business continuity, business intelligence, or the integration of application data across multiple systems. Customers who choose one-dimensional data integration or replication solutions are often forced to license several products and solutions over time to meet the different needs of all of these various projects. The strength and value of the Shadowbase solutions lie in their flexibility – their ability to play vital roles in many diverse projects throughout a company's enterprise.

  • Heterogeneous Data Replication with Flexible Sources and Targets - Shadowbase software supports data integration and replication between homogeneous and heterogeneous database management systems. For example, replication is supported from Sybase, Oracle, HP Enscribe, and HP NonStop SQL databases to Sybase, Oracle, HP Enscribe, HP NonStop SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, and MySQL databases. List of Shadowbase Supported Platforms and Databases
  • Flexible Configurations - Shadowbase software supports data integration and transactional replication from one source to many targets, from many sources to one target, N-way, and any combination in between. Replication can be point-to-point, route-through, or cascade. Replication can be uni-directional or bi-directional between supported databases.
  • Flexible Mapping - Shadowbase processes operate at the application level of a system. The product automatically handles differences in the physical structures of the underlying databases. The user shows the Shadowbase product the structure of the source database and the structure of the target, and then Shadowbase processes take care of the rest. These processes allow very flexible mapping of the source data types to similar or different target data types, including between non-relational and relational databases.
  • Flexible Data Transformation - Shadowbase software provides for three methods for transforming data in-flight. Certain in-flight data transformations necessary for replication between the supported heterogeneous databases are performed by Shadowbase installations out-of-the-box. Other transformations (such as filtering, scrubbing, data type changes, and aggregations) can be performed through code that is embedded into the replication engine (e.g., TAL, COBOL and "C"/C++ User Exits) or by using the Shadowbase Data Transformation and Mapping Utility, which is a scripting tool that allows for intricate mapping and transformation without the need for user written code. Both the user exits and the transformation and mapping utility can reside on either the source system or the target system in most cases, providing you the flexibility of choosing where to run these routines.

Shadowbase customers are constantly devising new ways to use our highly flexible and scalable replication software solutions throughout their enterprises. To discuss additional ways in which Shadowbase customers are using these solutions to gain value from their data or discuss ideas for using replication within your enterprise, contact a Shadowbase Total Replication Solutions specialist at