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Shadowbase AuditLoaderShadowbase AutoLoader™

The Shadowbase AutoLoader tool is the perfect compliment to the Shadowbase software suite for database migration, transformation, and loading projects. An online load solution, the AutoLoader tool works in conjunction with the Shadowbase software to load a new database, table, or table range from an existing database while production applications are online and operational. All necessary data transformations, mapping, and cleansing are accomplished while the data is in-flight through Shadowbase user exits or the Shadowbase Transformation and Mapping utility.

Shadowbase Entertprise Manager (SEM)Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM)™

The Shadowbase Enterprise Manager(SEM) is a GUI, Windows based operational and command/control interface for Shadowbase command and control. Designed to enable Shadowbase users to monitor the status of Shadowbase installations, operators can configure stop lights to warn them of processes which are down or may be encountering difficulties and configure SEM to send email alerts to operators when such conditions persist. The SEM allows users to view all Shadowbase messages from multiple systems and processes from one location. A sample screen shot is below.

Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM)

Shadowbase Audit Reader (S.A.R.)™

The Shadowbase Audit Reader analyzes and displays all audited database activities on your HP NonStop Server. It shows what your application transactions did, and when they did it, to your database files and tables, and it allows you to investigate how your data is being accessed. Both current and historical transactional information can be analyzed using a variety of search criteria.

The Shadowbase Audit Reader uses your NonStop TMF audit trail files. It optionally reads "foreign" audit (audit generated on another system). S.A.R. supports both Enscribe and SQL I/O events. It also shows both before and after I/O images, as well as "undo" for aborted transactions. S.A.R. provides an application view by querying the NonStop SQL catalog when necessary.

Please click here for more information on the Shadowbase Audit Reader.