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Shadowbase Products - Overview

Gravic makes a number of computer software products for data collection, transformation, and distribution uses. Customers of Shadowbase data replication and data integration products include banks, financial and brokerage firms, insurance companies, stock exchanges, electric utilities, healthcare, and telecommunications companies.

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Shadowbase® Application Integration
Sends or receives database change events as they occur in real-time (real-time change data capture) via a publish/subscribe mechanism to other applications in other systems, avoiding the need to modify your application code.

Shadowbase® Application Modernization
Modernizes an application by allowing both legacy and new versions to coexist by bi-directionally synchronizing the databases across heterogeneous environments with no application downtime.

Shadowbase® Audit Log
Creates a searchable archival database of your NonStop transactional activity (e.g., inserts, updates, and deletes) on a reporting database for application change data auditing purposes.

Shadowbase® Audit Reader
Analyzes and displays all audited database activities, using the NonStop TMF audit trail files, and optionally reads “foreign” audit (audit produced on another system).

Shadowbase® Compare
Compares data for NonStop Enscribe to Enscribe or NonStop SQL to SQL (mp/mp or mx/mx) business continuity/disaster recovery databases for validating that the target matches the source.

Shadowbase® Data Integration
Provides real-time and efficient data integration and synchronization by streaming changes made in one database to another, feeding online data warehouses and real-time business intelligence facilities, and driving ETL utilities.

Shadowbase® Data Replication
Provides low-latency uni-directional or bi-directional replication between homogeneous or heterogeneous systems with scalability, selectivity, and sophisticated data transformation and mapping facilities.

Shadowbase® Enterprise Manager
Windows-based operational command/control interface GUI for Shadowbase environments.

Shadowbase® ETL
Extract database changes or initial load data into flat-files for ETL loading into an online data warehouse using common CSV, fixed-position, and tab-delimited formats.

Shadowbase® File Chaser
Chases non-audited log files to inject events into the replication stream avoiding the need for the source database to be audited.

Shadowbase® Professional Services
Data replication and data integration experts working to meet your needs on unique projects, including business continuity, disaster recovery, and data synchronization.

Shadowbase® QMGR
Performs optional disk-based source or target-side queuing of data as it is replicated by Shadowbase.

Shadowbase® SOLV
Patented online loading facility that performs high-volume initial and refresh loading of a target database from the contents of the source database.

Shadowbase® Streams
Streams data generated by one application to other applications and facilities Provides the facilities for integrating your existing applications at the data or event-driven level in order to create new and powerful functionality.

Shadowbase® ZDM
Provides zero downtime migration (ZDM) support for continuous application services to all end users by eliminating planned downtime across complex migrations, upgrades, and conversions. Also avoids the risk of classic Big Bang conversions for outage windows.

Shadowbase Synchronous Data Replication Software

Shadowbase® ZDL
Leverages the Shadowbase asynchronous architecture and the HP NonStop Synchronous Gateway to provide a zero data loss (ZDL) synchronous data replication environment in the event of catastrophic failure/loss of the source environment. (Future Technology)

Shadowbase® ZDL PLUS SR
Leverages the Shadowbase ZDL architecture to provide zero data loss as well as collision avoidance for active/active environments. (Future Technology)

Shadowbase Data Recovery Software

Shadowbase UNDO
Database "rewind" utility to undo changes made to a set of source files and/or tables while the database remains online and available to applications.  Useful, for example, to reverse database corruption caused by a newly released 'buggy' program.

Shadowbase REDO
Rolls forward selected database changes onto an earlier (typically saved/restored) copy of the database to recover the database to a prior, correct version, after various forms of database corruption occurs.

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