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Research Report:

Roadmap to the Megaplex (Hardbound copy request)
The “Roadmap to the Megaplex” report comprises six steps to NonStop modernization and to the Megaplex. (A collection of server blades acting together as a single system using multiple types of operating systems, databases, and other computer resources.) Each step includes: an introduction, a profile of a major vendor and the technologies that help implement the step, a modernization case study, a simulated return on investment example, a benefit checklist, and alternative vendor product. Step 4: Availability Modernization: The process of changing from the traditional availability and disaster recovery methods to a continuous-readiness program. The vendor/product profiled is Gravic’s Shadowbase, which provides for active/active processing and zero-downtime migration and upgrades.

White Papers:

Shadowbase® Streams for Application Integration
The Shadowbase product suite from Gravic, Inc., distributes real-time critical data to applications throughout the enterprise. Uses for Shadowbase products include achieving high or continuous availability by synchronizing active or passive redundant systems, integrating applications, feeding data warehouse and real-time business intelligence facilities, and driving ETL (extract, transform, and load) utilities. Shadowbase Streams, a member of the Shadowbase software solutions set, streams data generated by one application to other applications and facilities. Shadowbase Streams for Application Integration provides the facilities for integrating existing applications at the data or event-driven level in order to create new and powerful functionality for the enterprise.

Choosing a Business Continuity Solution to Match Your Business Availability Requirements
Business continuity encompasses those activities that an enterprise performs to maintain consistency and recoverability of its operations and services. The availability of application services provided by an enterprise’s IT infrastructure is only one of many facets of business continuity, albeit an extremely important one. Application availability depends upon the ability of IT services to survive any fault, whether it is a server failure, a network fault, or a data center disaster. An enabling technology for achieving high availability and even continuous availability for application services is data replication. Selecting the right data replication technology to achieve your business continuity goals is the focus of this white paper. We also summarize the Shadowbase® suite of replication products from Gravic, Inc. Shadowbase software provides the full range of replication technologies to satisfy the most demanding IT availability requirements.

Using Shadowbase to Eliminate Planned Downtime via Zero Downtime Migrations
How to totally eliminate planned downtime for your application services when performing migrations, upgrades, conversions, or other disruptive system activity, regardless if performing a homogeneous or heterogeneous project. This paper explains the exclusive Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migrations (ZDM) approach to improve your application availability for providing high and even continuous availability application services.

Shadowbase® for HP NonStop®
How Shadowbase for HP NonStop is Gravic’s real-time replication solution for the HP NonStop platform.

Shadowbase® for Open Servers®
How Shadowbase for Open Servers (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, and Sybase and others) is a highly efficient, extremely flexible, robust replication solution based on Gravic’s patented data replication technology and more than 30 years of experience.

Achieving Century Uptimes with Shadowbase® Active/Active Technology
How Shadowbase active/active system architecture provides disaster tolerance by maintaining a network of independent processing nodes, each having access to a common replicated database.

The Evolution of Real-Time Business Intelligence (RTBI)
How the speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time, or event-driven business intelligence and how to leverage Shadowbase replication technology to implement a real-time event-driven architecture.


Advances in Active/Active - Asynchronous and Synchronous Replication State-of-the-Art
Date: September 29, 2009, Type: WMV File, Size: 58.7MB, Length: 1:24:07
We explain how active/active replication dramatically increases your application availability and provides a myriad of other benefits.

AOL's Live Migration from 16 Sybase Servers to a Single NonStop Database - With No Application Downtime
Date: February 24, 2009, Type: WMV File, Size: 38.3MB, Length: 58:26
Learn how AOL migrated its AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) authentication service from a partitioned 16-node Sybase database into a single NonStop SQL/MP database with no application downtime.

Shadowbase for Business Continuity
Date: December 12, 2007, Type: WMV File, Size: 64.4MB, Length: 1:29:54
We describe the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) model businesses use to quantify their needs, discuss the factors (and trade-offs) that affect each objective, and review various architectures.