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Shadowbase Data Replication and Data Integration Software

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Shadowbase Data Replication, Data Integration, and Active/Active Solutions

Shadowbase Data Replication
Shadowbase Data Integration

Database replication and data integration in the twenty-first century is a rock-solid, feature-rich technology acting as the cornerstone for a wide variety of successful business solutions. From the state-of-the-art real-time system integration, scalability, and reliability of active/active Continuous Processing solutions to simple propagation of real-time data into disaster recovery systems, change data capture (CDC), data replication, and data integration is relied upon to provide the foundation for a great number of business needs.

A logical extension of this technology is to provide the infrastructure of today’s growing use of business intelligence systems for real-time decision support. Gravic Inc.’s Shadowbase heterogeneous data replication and data integration family of products are vital components of today's mission-critical enterprise computing world.

Shadowbase Solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Shadowbase Business Continuity software options comprise various architectures from traditional uni-directional disaster recovery solutions to full bi-directional implementations. In uni-directional environments an active primary node is feeding a standby or passive backup system. Bi-directional architectures allow the application to be active on all nodes in the network, processing user requests, thereby leveraging the processing capacity of each node for real application work. When building active/active systems, data collisions are an important consideration (i.e., the updating of the same data on two systems at the same time). Shadowbase data replication and data integration software solutions identify these data collisions, and in many cases are configured to automatically resolve them. Support for zero downtime system, site, application, and database migrations via Shadowbase zero downtime migration (ZDM) technology, increases the availability of the application to the user community for upgrades by totally eliminating planned outages.