Grading Tests by Email

You may grade any test simply by emailing it to Remark Test Grading Cloud. This feature is particularly useful if you have a multi-function copier (MFP) that can scan to email. Simply set up the MFP with a scan to email function that sends the tests to Remark, and then receive data and reports back.

Tests can be scanned in the TIF, PDF, JPG or PNG formats. We recommend the TIF format, as it is a native image format and processes more quickly. Tests should always be scanned in black and white (not grayscale or color) and at a resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch).

To email tests:

  1. Have your IT department set up your MFP with a scan to email function that sends test to "" The part that comes before the "@" can be anything. Example:
  2. Have your Remark Test Grading Cloud administer go to the application's settings and enable email. Also have them enable the data and reports that should be available to teachers.
  3. Log into Remark Test Grading Cloud, click your Name and choose Settings.
  4. Click Email Permissions on the left.
  5. Choose the reports and/or data files you would like emailed to you once test grading completes.
  6. After creating and administering a test, go to the MFP and choose the Scan to Email option created in step 1. Your tests are scanned directly to the cloud and graded. The data and reports you chose in your settings are emailed to you, along with a summary report. Note that you may also log into the application and review your tests.

If you do not have an MFP, you can also scan your filled in tests and email them yourself using your email client and the same steps above (e.g. Outlook). 


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