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Remark Web Survey Logo Doesn’t Appear in Control Panel

If you go to the Admin Control Panel and you see that the image is missing and the image link in the Admin Control panel is broken (showing the red X), there's a good chance that the logo.gif file in the HTML folder (on your server) was uploaded as an ASCII file. 

To fix the image, please re-upload only the logo.gif file into the HTML folder as a Binary data transfer.

After the transfer is complete, go back to the Admin Control panel and check to see if the image is available. If you don't see the image right away, click CTRL and F5 at the same time to refresh the window.

If you are still not seeing the logo (or images in your web forms as well) make sure the rwsimg5.pl script, which is the script that displays images, is in the CGI folder and has proper permissions. For more information on setting up the scripts, see your user's guide for complete installation steps.

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