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Reviewing Data (Exceptions)

Want to see this feature in action? Click here for a how-to video: https://vimeo.com/226474558/480b55be32

Reviewing Data/Exceptions is a process that happens after you have created, printed and scanned your completed tests into Remark Test Grading Cloud Edition.

Once you have scanned your completed tests into the application, there is a possibility that some students may have marked too many responses (multiple responses) or left answers blank. The Review Data screen allows you to review these exceptions on-screen and make changes (if warranted).

On the Test page, you will notice that some students have incomplete Scores; this indicates that the student’s test image has exceptions. If the student’s test image has exceptions, there will be a red bubble with the number of exceptions next to the student's name. The total number of exceptions will be in a red bubble under Exceptions, in the Test Status box.

To review the Exceptions/Data, click the purple button Review Data.


You are directed to the Review Test Data page.

Here you can review exceptions individually, and make the necessary changes to each test.

There are two types of exceptions:

No Response   

Multiple Responses    

Please Note: If a student crosses out a response on their test, the exception will appear as a multiple response unless you turn on the feature to Ignore Large Marks.

There are two windows to view during the Test Review:

Test Data – This is where you can change the actual student response.

The Red Box indicates the question number that needs to be reviewed, and the type of exception.

                To clear an exception and leave the response untouched, click the red box.

The Green Box indicates that an exception has been reviewed.   

                To undo a change, click the green box.

You can navigate between each exception with the purple buttons (Previous/Next Exception) at the top of the Test Data box. If you skip over an exception, you can go back to it by clicking Previous Exception.

To save the data you have changed, click Save Data  

Snapshot – This is where you can see an image of the physical test. This is for reference when you are changing answers in the Test Data window.


When you click Save Data, you are directed back to the Test page.

Here you will notice that the student scores are complete, and there are no longer any red bubbles indicating data exceptions (if you cleared any that you did not adjust). 


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