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Creating Forms to Use with Page IDs


You must have a page identifier on each page of your form to use the Auto Page ID feature. When you create a form, place optical marks, machine printed text (OCR) or barcodes on the form pages that will identify the individual pages. These markings must be unique for each page on the form. For example, you can put the page numbers on the form, which would provide unique numbers for each page within the form. Keep in mind that they should also be unique from any other types of identifiers you are using, such as Form IDs or Respondent Tracking identifiers. To use the page ID in Remark, you set it up in the Template Editor.

To understand how to set up an Auto Page ID region in your version of Remark Office OMR, consult the help file by pressing F1 or the user's guide by clicking Help|Documentation in the software.


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