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We maintain an active staff of researchers dedicated to building Intellectual Property (IP) to carry out our core purpose. Our staff has hundreds of years of experience in the fields of computer software, algorithm development, electrical engineering, astronomy, physics and mathematics. We actively publish our research findings and protect our IP with patents and trade secrets.

Many of our Research and Development projects first arise out of customer requests. After a careful review of relevant literature, patents, markets, and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies, an R&D project may be born to address a significant unmet need affecting the world. Depending on the type of project, basic research may be conducted in one or more of our labs. For example, we maintain a connectivity lab housing most vendor computer systems, databases, communication protocols, and emulators where we simulate algorithms for complex computer interactions. Also, we maintain an electro-optics lab with state-of-the-art interferometers, imagers, and other test equipment where research is conducted, for example, on new types of materials for lightweight, large-aperture mirrors for solar and astronomy purposes.

The output from our labs is often a new product or feature which gets added to an existing product. In other cases, the output may be offered for licensure to other companies. For example, we have used and licensed our general purpose pattern recognition and search algorithms, PATREC™, for the following purposes:

Breaking the Availability Barrier Book Series
  • Recognition of TV commercials (spots) for automated logging of competitive information.
  • Real-time via digitizing tablets, and off-line via scanners, recognition of block hand printed characters.
  • OEM licenses to manufacturers of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) readers for omni-font recognition.
  • Creation of a line of plain paper Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software sold under the Remark Office brand.

We also maintain an IP professional services team to provide a wide variety of consulting, integration and custom development services and solutions to help you incorporate and adapt our IP for your needs.


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