Gravic Labs - Astronomy Group

Gravic Labs - Astronomy

Our Astronomy Group operates as a division inside of Gravic Labs. We support our enthusiastic employees interested in advancing our understanding of the Universe through the study of light which is transmitted from distant objects such as asteroids, stars, exoplanets, nebulae, and galaxies.

Development Projects
Very sensitive and precise equipment is built and used in our studies with an aim to improve the signal-to-noise-ratio of program object measures. This equipment includes:

  • Large mirrors and lightweight alt-az telescope structures,
  • Deformable mirror assemblies for countering atmospheric and primary mirror aberrations,
  • High-speed, low light level (L3) solid-state detectors and electronics,
  • CCD’s, emCCD’s, PMT's, and other equipment.
The Alt-Az Initiative
Recent Alt-Az Initiative
book on development
and research activities

Research Interests
Our current research interests include:

  • Lunar and asteroid occultations,
  • Diaphragm-limiting photometry, elliptical polarimetry, and spectroscopy,
  • Optical aberration theory and remediation.

We maintain an association with the Alt-Az Initiative, a group which is dedicated to building lightweight and portable meter-class telescopes. The Alt-Az Initiative website features some of our work.

Papers, Presentations and Conferences
View Gravic Labs  Astronomy Group Recent Papers and Activities.

Further Information
Contact us if interested in our research or possible commercial applications.

Please scroll through some of our pictures:

  • 42" pneumatic mirror


    First light of 42" pneumatic Mylar mirror scope

    42" pneumatic mirror
  • Star tests


    12" lightweight mirror undergoing star tests

    Star tests
  • Interferogram

    ../../images/astronomy/Small igram1.JPG

    Bath interferogram of lightweight experimental mirror

  • Small Mylar mirror

    ../../images/astronomy/Gravic-Iott Precision 7in test cell-1.JPG

    7" machined aluminum mirror cell with Mylar membrane reflecting picture on the wall

    Small mylar mirror
  • 8" Starstone mirror


    8" prototype OTF Designs foamed glass mirror undergoing artificial star tests

    8" Starstone mirror
  • Setup of 18" Newtonian


    IPI393 mount and N18 being prepared for lunar occultation event (the clouds cleared!)

    Setup of 18" Newtonian
  • Silvering experiments


    Small mirrors undergoing cold silvering and overcoating experiments

    Silvering experiments
  • High speed electrometer


    High speed transimpedance amplifier for recording occultations

    High speed electrometer
  • Occultation timing equipment


    Video and GPS time-insertion equipment for timing lunar occultations

    Occultation timing equipment
  • Bi-morph controller


    37-channel high-voltage bi-morph mirror controller

    Bi-morph controller