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Policies and procedures are in place to ensure the continuation of Gravic, Inc.’s business in the case of business disruptions and emergencies. The company has a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan (“BC/DR Plan”) providing multiple layers of redundancy to eliminate outages of critical services in all parts of our business. The plan is tested on a regular basis. The plan includes:

  • Operations

    Gravic, Inc. leverages cutting edge technology including virtualization to ensure our IT infrastructure’s high availability. Key critical production servers are deployed in a virtual environment providing easy migration and minimal downtime in the event of hardware failure. Critical production systems are maintained with UPS and generator back-up in the event of power failure. Hardware capable of running the critical services is maintained at our remote DR sites. Outside Internet and phone connectivity is duplicated via different vendors. Routine backups and on-line replication of critical data are in place.

  • Personnel

    Key personnel are cross trained in the necessary skills to take over from each other in the case of emergency. All managers are familiar with the contents of the BC/DR Plan. Personnel on standby support undergo and are monitored for 24×7 fitness- for-duty standards.

  • Overall

    We take our commitment to our clients very seriously. We are world leaders in the research and development of advanced Business Continuity approaches, specializing in data replication technologies. We participate vigorously in industry conferences for the sharing of Business Continuity information and publish frequently on the topic. We cannot guarantee that all of our business critical systems will always be available, however, we feel that the plans in place for our company are extensive and will ensure the continuity of our business in the face of disasters and significant business disruptions. Any material changes to the above information will be available on request.

If you have questions about any part of our Business Continuity planning process, please contact us.